Incorporating Graphics Into the Justification Report

Professional Communication

Incorporating Graphics Into the Justification Report” Please respond to the following:

  • This week, you are to add a graph to your Justification Report. Discuss how you’ll approach this part of your assignment, and state the main reasons why you feel that graphs are a necessary part of a formal report.
  • From Part 1 of this discussion, determine the main benefits of using graphs in the report presentation. Next, explain the matter in which a creatively constructed graph might help you to better manage and present your data.

(Note on using figures/graphics in your report: the purpose of using a figure/graphic (could be a table, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, flow chart, pictogram or a map. What can take paragraphs and a few hundred words to describe, especially quantitative data, can be easily presented through graphics, if you use the right one. So, familiarize yourself with the different graphics and choose any one that would best serve your purpose : present the information you want to convey in an easier, simpler manner. If you look at the sample pizza party report, you’ll see that the table used in it presents the comparison of the two solutions based on the criteria in a very simple, effective manner. That is the bottom line of using a graphic. Please do not lose sight of this when trying to use a figure.)