Identify three challenges a manager faces in motivating employees, MGT 110 essay help

Here are the instructions from my online class:

“Essay 3 Instructions: 


Identify three challenges a manager faces in motivating employees today as opposed to 50 years ago. This means that your essay must discuss specific examples and note at least 2 motivation theories that are discussed in your text book. For example, in a global work environment the concept of “diversity” is used in different ways. Be clear as to what ideas you are presenting and know the context (50 years ago) as well as in current times so you present an articulate, well written thesis. 

Once again APA format is expected as well as 2-3 additional resources cited. As noted above, two motivation theories and three examples (past and present) are clearly described within the text of your essay”

I attached pictures directly from my book of the 3 motivation theories talked about in the book. When citing the book in the paragraph use: (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2015)

The whole citation is…….

Hughes, Kapoor & Pride, 2015, Foundations of Business. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.