HRMN 406 Week 8 DQ Traditional instructor-led training is sometimes jokingly referred to as “death by Powerpoint”, Management Assignment Homework Help

opic #1: Training Exercise

Traditional instructor-led training is sometimes jokingly referred to as “death by Powerpoint”.  Traditional training has its place, but many times there are alternatives that meet the needs of the trainee. Training can be completed in a different environment (such as online). Traditional training can be interactive where the participants are involved in training activities.

Your mission: Use the Internet to identify TWO training-based resources for training alternatives. From your research, select two of these that have different learning content objectives. One example should be an alternative setting and the second example should be a traditional setting with an alternative, interactive approach. Provide an explanation of each and how it can best be utilized in a training program.

For example, you can choose from activities, training games, icebreakers, business simulations, training courses….It is best to…provide specific examples, not just a broad category “icebreakers”. Give it a name as well. For example: The toilet paper activity: this is a get-to-know you team building activity. Every table has a roll of toilet paper. Participants are instructed to…

Note: please make sure you have not selected an example that has already been used. First come, first served!

Reminder: Use and apply text concepts, and if applicable, your experience where you currently work, or have worked. Don’t forget to cite your sources and respond to at least 2 classmates for each question!

Topic #2

Since we are at the end of this class, this is the perfect time to reflect upon the achievement of Course Outcomes. Please review the syllabus for the list of course outcomes.

Considering the activities, assignments, etc.

What course outcome has been most useful?

What is one of the most surprising and/or valuable thing(s) you learned from this course that you did not know before or that you did not know you would study? How will it help you in the future? 

What would you recommend as an activity/assignment (or an improvement to an existing assignment)?

Feel free to comment on anything else about the course.