hospitality industry,management homework help

Select a business in the hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant, event planner, convention center, etc.), that has a “green certification”. Research this company and its efforts to maintain an environmentally-friendly, or “green” status.

Research paper requirements:

1.Brieflydiscuss the company or organization to include its history and its products and/or services.

2.Theemphasisof the project is the company’s eco-friendly operations.  The paper should address and analyze the following elements:

  • What is “green” certification? 
  • What “green” certifications has the organization earned from third-parties?
  • What, specifically, has the company done to become a “green” organization?
  • What motivated the organization to become “green”?
  • What information has the company self-promoted regarding these actions?
  • What are other companies and PR firms saying about these actions?
  • How does the company’s efforts in this area compare to their closest competitor(s)?
  • In what areas could the company improve its “green” status?

3.  Support ideas with ideas from your textbook and atleast three outside sources.

Papers should be 4 – 6 pages in length, and formatted according to APA style guidelines.  (Remember, page count refers to the body of your paper only, and does not include title page, reference page, etc.)