Hackers and Cyber Criminal Organizations, law homework help

E- Activities

Read the article titled “Computer Hackers”, located at http://www.antivirus.com/security-software/definition/computer-hackers/index.html. Or you can use the Internet or Strayer library to research articles on hacker ethic and hacker manifesto. Be prepared to discuss.

Watch the video titled “Ethical Hacking Presentation” (3 min 19 sec). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: Aaruni Kaushik (2013, Jan 10). Ethical Hacking Presentation.

  • From the first and second e-Activities, explain the hacker ethic and hacker manifesto. Give your opinion as to why hackers do not consider themselves to be criminals. Include one (1) example of such types of hackers to support your response.
  • Describe at least two (2) ways in which organized crime uses social media sites for its benefits. Next, speculate on the measures that the government could take in order to combat digital crimes perpetrated through social media sites. Provide a rationale for your response.

Respond to this statement:

Hacker ethic is the moral values and philosophies that are common in the hacker community. The hacker manifesto is a hacker’s guideline that serves as an ethical foundation for hacking. The hacker manifesto was written by Loyd Blankenship after his arrest for computer hacking in 1986. Hackers don’t consider themselves to be criminals because they feel if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have advanced computer security systems. Hackers feel as though they are the ones who find the security problems with the computer system and alert the public. This causes more advanced security in computer programs and systems to be put in place. Hackers think they are doing society a justice.