Government spending is a significant part of the US budget, economics homework help

Government spending is a significant part of the US budget in which billions are allocated each year. Three prominent places where government funding comes from is defense and international security assistance, social security, and medicare.

  • Part 1- You will choose one and research how much the government recently spent for it within the last fiscal year.

  • Part 2- Then you will create a powerpoint about your findings. Use creativity and construct a pie graph, data table, or chart of the findings and also use images within your powerpoint.

  • Part 3- The last part of this project, you will provide a one page written paper discussing why you think it is important or not that the government spends money on this area. Please provide reference from the text or other outside sources to support a compelling argument. You must submit to me Part 1 and 2 of this unit project at the same time. This paper needs to be 500-1000 words. IN MLA FORMAT

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