Global Enterprise Development, business and finance homework help

Read the case at the end of Chapter 10 in the text.Share your thoughts on these questions by making an initial post by Wednesday at 11:59 PM:

  1. What does the recent economic history of Brazil tell you about the relationship between price inflation and exchange rates?  What other factors might determine exchange rates for the Brazilian real?
  2. Is a decline in value of the real against the US dollar good for Embraer, bad for Embraer, or a mixed bag?  Explain your reasoning.
  3. What kind of exchange rate risks is Embraer exposed to?  Can Embraer reduce these risks?  How?
  4. Do you think Embraer’s decision to try and hedge against further appreciation of the real in the early 2000’s was a good decision?  What was the alternative?
  5. Between mid-2014 and early 2015 the real depreciated significantly against the US dollar.  What do you think the impact was on Embraer?  Explain your reasoning.