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Instructions. Read Case 1: Ford’s Global Strategy which can be found on p. 367-368 of your Hill and Hult Global Business Today book.

•To learn more about Ford and its operations in foreign markets, go to the Corporate Ford website. Then look for “Global Operations” under the “Company” tab.

•To learn more about the One Ford strategy, you may find this article helpful:

Case write-ups should follow the following format:

Section 1: Introduction – a brief summary of the case and what you will address in the write-up.

Section 2*: Answers to questions (at the end of the case). Each answer should be discussed in its own paragraph(s).

Section 3: Conclusion – A synopsis of the case and any concluding remarks.

*The questions to answer for this case (for Section 2) are as follows:

•Question 1: How would you characterize the strategy for competing internationally that Ford was pursuing prior to the arrival of Alan Mullaly in 2006? What were the benefits of this strategy? What were the costs? Why was Ford pursuing this strategy?

•Question 2: What strategy is Mullaly trying to get Ford to pursue with his One Ford initiative? What are the benefits of this strategy? Can you see any drawbacks?

Question 3: Does the One Ford initiative imply that Ford will now ignore national and regional differences in demand?