Foreign entry strategy

The company is Williams-Sonoma Cocktail Mix. We are entering South Korea. 

Report must be printed on a standard paper (8.5×11). It should be double spaced, size 12pt. font with 1- inch margins. The report should be between 15-20 pages. Make sure you include reference

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As more and more markets are becoming saturated and growth opportunities becoming limited in North America many companies are now looking to expand into new markets. Therefore, a Multinational Company (MNC) has contacted your consulting team for help. They are looking for advice on how to expand internationally (a list of countries will be provided at a later date –your team will choose one country from this list). Your team responsibility will be to prepare a report, with recommendations and entry strategy into your selected foreign market. The purpose of the country project is to provide guidance to the MNC. Your report should include attention to the social, political, cultural, and economic environments of the country. It should also include other aspects such as negotiation, leadership, legal, labor, and management challenges.

The report should provide discussion and analysis. Simply presenting and summarizing information is not sufficient. The report must clearly delineate the benefits, costs, and risks of internationalizing into your selected country. Do not include filler information that are not relevant to the MNC foreign entry strategy. You will lose points for unnecessary information.

Five pages on Overall Management and Business Style in the Country and Social Responsibility (Please see attachment- the two in bold)