Flat World Memo Assignment

New York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman is one of the world’s best at identifying important trends regarding globalisation . Rather than have you read his book The World is Flat, view his presentation where he talked about globalisation and “flatteners” in the world today.

View the video: (45 minutes). After viewing the video, respond to the questions below in memo format.

To: Tom Friedman, Columnist New York Times

From:[your name here]


Re: Answers to question about Tom Friedman’s presentation

1:What is the most threatening issue in a flat world to your company? (If you are not currently employed, think about a company of interest to you)

2:what are some of the marketing opportunities available to your company in a flat world? Give examples of what you mean.

3:What advice would you give to an American 18 years of age who wanted to thrive in a business career of the future? Be specific.

4:Pose a really good question relative to the topic for your peers to consider. Give your own answer to that question.

Note: Preface your response with the corresponding question numbers and questions.