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Process Design & Analysis

14. A processor makes two components A & B which are then packages together as a final product. Each product sold contains one A and one B. The processor can only do one component at a time. Either it can make A’s or B’s and there is a set-up time when switching from A to B. Current plans are to make 100 units of component A and then 100 units of component B and then 100 components of A then 100 of B then so on. The set-up and run times of each component are give below:

Component Set-up/Change Over Time Run Time/Unit
A 5 minutes 0.2 minutes
B 10 minutes 0.1 minute

Assume the packaging of the two components is totally automated and takes only 2 seconds per unit of the final product. This packaging time is small enough that you can ignore it. What is the average hourly output in terms of the number of units packaged product (which includes 1 component of A and 1 component of B) ?

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