effects of advertising presentation

Create a 5- to 6-minute presentation supporting a single point based on the outline (the outline format is given below)

SINGLE POINT: The impact of advertising on the activity level of a firm. (Choose PepsiCo as the firm and their advertisements)

Choose three types of supporting materials to support your point. 

Develop a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with an accompanying video that does the following: 

  • Summarizes your topic
  • Highlights the supporting material you found
  • Uses effective voice and body language
  • Includes visual aides 

Obviously you are not going create a video for this.. just provide detailed speech notes with every slide like you would say it in the video..

Cite all sources consistent with APA guidelines. 

The outline: 

Think about the audience for your presentation. What do you know about the audience that might help you select supporting material? 

What are the three strongest reasons to support your point of view?

1. ________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________

You might, for example, select extended example, statistics, and testimony. Arrange your supporting material in order of strength. The strongest must be supporting point 3. Develop a conclusion and write the final sentences of the conclusion and add to the outline. 

Fill your information in the outline provided below.

I. Introduction  (Write out first two sentences)

II.  Supporting material (Only three) The following is an example:

A. Extended example

B. Statistics

C. Testimony

III.  Conclusion (Write out last few sentences)

additional material: 

P.s if you like you can paste the outline here when you are done, or attach it as a word doc.. don’t paste the outline in the slides..