Economics paper

Using the 2012 DHL Global Connectedness Index from the link below, examine one of the most connected countries, Netherlands, and one of the least connected countries, Venezuela.…

  • Write 4 pages
  • Examine Netherlands, and Venezuela using the data presented in the DHL Global Connectedness Index based on the following flows;
    • Trade
    • Capital
    • Information
    • People
  • Indicate if each country has increased / decreased its connectedness since the previous DHL study in 2007 & what has impacted on its increased / decreased connectedness
  • You are allowed to choose to use sources beside the DHL Connectedness Index. Ensure they are widely known, independent and reliable (such as national newspapers, UN agencies, governments offices) & quote sources in accordance with academic standards
  • Objective is to give a brief overview of connectedness of both countries as outlined in DHL connectedness Index