ECON online final exam, Economics Assignment Homework help

  1.  Coverage: The final exam is comprehensive—it includes all the topics covered in the course.  
  2. Schedule: The exam will be online; and it will open mid-day and end at midnight. The duration of the exam will be two hours (120 minutes). Before you start the test, make sure you have at your disposal a period of uninterrupted two hours.
  3. The Final Exam will carry 60 questions and you will be allowed two (2) attempts per question .
  4. Before you begin the Exam, check your computer, including pop-up blockers.  Keep the e-mail and phone numbers of Pearson support (MyEconLab) handy in case you need any technical support. Please don’t e-mail me about any technical problem –except for informational purposes—as my expertise does not extend to computer-glitches. Before taking  the exam, you can review  the following to check the health of your computer: