Diversification strategy, business and finance homework help

1) Select a company that has engaged in a diversification strategy. Indicate whether the lineup reflects a strategy of related, unrelated, or a combination of related and unrelated diversification. Give examples of the various products/services that are diversified. Discuss the extent to which the value chains of the selected company’s businesses have competitively valuable cross-business relationships.

2) Industry and competitive conditions change because forces are pressuring the industry participants (competitors, customers, suppliers, etc.) to alter their actions. The most powerful change agents are called driving forces because they have a strong influence in reshaping the industry land scape and alternating competitive conditions. In this class, we studied the five driving forces introduced by Porter. However, there are underlying forces that impact power of suppliers, power of buyers, threat of new entrants, etc.  Select an industry of interest and discuss the common driving forces that might influence change. Hint: Think about elements in the external environment and apply current events to your selected industry.

3) Select a company with a sustainable competitive advantage. Explain how the company is able to attract sufficiently large numbers of buyers who have a lasting preference for the products and services over those offered by rivals. Discuss whether the company is using a cost-based advantage, differentiation based advantage, niche advantage, or simply has developed an unmatched resource strength and competitive capabilities.