Discussion Question

“Insider Trading.”  

From the e-Activity, reference the article you located and propose three ways to prevent insider trading.

Analyze the repercussions of insider trading. Discuss whether or not you believe the consequences for this crime are fair.


Explain whether or not poison pills are consistent with existing state corporation law for allocating rights and responsibilities within the corporation. Support your decision with facts.

Compare and contrast proxy fights, cash tender offers, and leveraged buyouts. Choose the one you think is the most popular form of takeover and support your answer with evidence or an example.


Suppose you are a vendor and have been awarded a contract. Due to your vigilance and expertise, the project will be completed prior to the deadline. This event is great news as it is your first contract and you want to do the job well. However, due to issues on behalf of your client, the government, delays have occurred in the final stages of completion. 

Describe your rights and remedies for the damages caused by the government’s delay. Then, describe the rights and remedies of the government even though the government purportedly caused the delay. If it is determined that you, as the contractor, are not responsible for the delay, how would you assess the damages against the government?