discussion 6 part 2 Topic 2: Reflection, law homework help

Topic 2: Reflection

The emphasis here is on what you have personally learned and how it will affect your professional goals. Discussing your tenure in the master’s program in terms of what you learned will not only help you and others better process the information, but also help you solidify your future career goals. Reflect on the goals of the master’s program, and post a brief essay that addresses how well you have mastered each of the following learning objectives:

  Public Value—Apply knowledge of practice in homeland security and emergency management to make effective decisions that create public value in diverse and dynamic situations

  Ethical Decision Making—Evaluating the social and ethical implications of decisions made to protect people and property

  Innovation—Addressing global, complex, and multidimensional homeland security and emergency management challenges and proposing innovative solutions

  Knowledge Base—Evaluating and applying theoretical foundations, current knowledge, and legal doctrine in homeland security and emergency management

  Diversity—Assessing cultural, individual, and role differences of constituents and stakeholders

  Leadership—Applying principles of leadership to shape change and improve homeland security and emergency management policy and practices

  Research Methods—Critically evaluating current qualitative and quantitative research on current knowledge and developing trends in the profession

  Organizational Behavior and Management—Applying organizational behavior and management theories to day-to-day operations within the profession