Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Business Finance Homework Helo

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Report


  • Think about a service in which you are interested. (Medical Staffing Agency)


  •  Apply  Steps chosen, how would these steps be utilized regarding this service you chose.  Innovation and creativity will be necessary to utilize steps chosen.
    • Note: Revenue and financial benefits may come directly from the customerclient purchasing the product or service -Or- indirectly from another source other than the customer (not-profits fit this type of service company)
    • Steps – Market Segmentation, Core, Competitive Position, Follow on Market, and Business Model.


  • Write this paper using ANY format you choose. Caution: 


  • Minimum word count is 1000 if writing your report using Word or Google documents.
  • ALL references used to write this paper, including Disciplined Entrepreneurship, must be cited correctly on the final page or slide.  
  • An Introduction and a Conclusion paragraph are good additions to any report.
  • Excellent grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.