Describe the Opportunity or Risk Management Process, business and finance homework help

Activity Description

You will commence with the assessment of risk or opportunity management process that will then be implemented for next week in the Project Risk template. The project is a kitchen remodeling project so the risk process will need to account for external as well as project related risk situations. To understand the risk management process, project managers will categorize and diagram the risk management process and explain how the process steps determine the risks. The explanation of the diagram should be detailed and thorough in content.

Conceptually diagram in the paper the risk management process that will be implemented for the project. The student will summarize the process for setting off expectations, identifying risks; quantitative analysis or qualitative analysis as determined to be required, planning responses to risk, risk monitoring and controlling, mitigation or opportunity responses, and project review methods to be employed.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages; APA formatting, 5-7 references, peer reviewed journal articles.