Critique speaker, communications homework help

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The introduction of the paper should provide insight and interest to the audience.  Lead with a hook or an attention getter.  If you would like to summarize the speech or provide background information, please do so. Last, form a thesis statement that will include you main points (Hacker, p.13).  

Body of Paper

What aspects of the speaker’s delivery were effective?  Ineffective?   
Verbal delivery (e.g., language choice, metaphor, semantics, abstract vs. concrete, etc.)
Nonverbal delivery (e.g., eye contact, body movement, gestures, volume, enunciation, etc.)

  • Discuss how the information and/or language the speaker used indicated awareness of and/or sensitivity to diversity as it related to the topic.  If recognition of diversity was absent from the presentation, suggest how it might have been incorporated.
  • Describe the effectiveness of the types of support material (evidence) used. How does the support material expand the speaker’s point?  If lacking, discuss what types of information the speaker might have included.
  • Evaluate the credibility of the research sources used by the speaker and indicate whether the presentation might have been strengthened with other sources of information.  Check the sources so that you can adequately determine the relevance to the topic, reliability of the source, and its timeliness.
  • Describe how the speaker used technology during the presentation.  Explain with examples whether you believe the technology enhanced audience understanding of the point being discussed.  If no technology was used, suggest how it might have been incorporated.

Describe and evaluate ethical issues in the speech, regarding such issues as use of pathos, possible biased information, etc.  Identify with examples any logic fallacies present.


The conclusion should review and summarize your main points and leave the audience with something to think about (Hacker, p.16).