Critical Thinking Exercise 1 from “The Management of Technology and Innovation, management homework help 3-4 pages paper


Assignment Description: Critical Thinking Exercise 1 from “The Management of Technology and Innovation” text.  Each answer to be a single full page typed. Include at least one reference per page in APA format.

This paper should be a minimum of 1000 words and follow APA Style requirements (i.e. cover page, in-text citations, and a reference page). Please use a minimum of 5 references for this assignment; you may use the required course texts and recommended supplemental readings, as well as independent research, but please avoid ‘crowd-sourced’ material from Wikipedia,, and others.

Chapter 7 Critical Thinking Assignment #1

1. We have organized this chapter by activities that need to take place to successfully integrate or blend the entities involved in an external acquisition of technology. There are many aspects to this blending process. What would you say are the ten most important outcomes for a manager to see from the implementation phase? Discuss what the manager can do to ensure that integration moves forward.

Chapter 8 Critical Thinking Assignment #1

1. We have discussed pre-acquisition evaluation and post-acquisition evaluation. We know that systems of evaluation and control should be connected to each other. Following is a chart of pre-acquisition goals. What should you know before and after the acquisition to determine if the goals can be met and if they have been met?

Pre-acquisition Goals

Pre-acquisition Data/Information

Post-acquisition Data/Information

Integrated product line by the end of the year

Assimilate acquired firm’s technology as a core competency

Consolidate the vendor base to lower costs

Ensure employees they will be treated fairly

Develop a learning tool that could guide future acquisitions

Chapter 10 Critical Thinking Assignment #1

1.This chapter discusses how organizations need to promote organizational learning and knowledge management. One of the points emphasized was that organizational learning and knowledge management are based on individual organizational members sharing what they know with others. Using the following four areas, list specific actions that a manager can implement to encourage such sharing.