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Respond to 2 classmates posts:


When it comes to capital punishment there are always going to be arguments on whether or not it should be done away with. The most recent moral question has been whether lethal injection is humane. Some argue that we do not know if a person suffers during lethal injection. With the combination of drugs given, we do not know exactly what happens, only that the final result is death. Another argument is that death should not be an option. Some feel that a life sentence makes more sense because we shouldn’t live by “an eye for an eye.” Capital punishment, in my opinion, should be an option. Especially when there is DNA evidence that proves guilt or even a confession.


Capital Punishment should only reach a limit life time and prison is capital punishments to no one has the right to eject or any other type of electric chair to anyone we do not have that right and I often argue with different one on this decision. With the needle injection you suffer just knowing that you are schedule to die we don’t know how that drug affect someone before they last breath I agree with punishment but not putting anyone to death we don’t have that right.