criminal activity, law assignment help

I only need 3 slides done for a group assignment. bullet #2 only with DETAILED FOOT NOTES.

Each team member should be prepared to discuss the content of their Week 3 Individual Assignment as part of their contribution to this Learning Team assignment.

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including detailed speaker notes. The speaker notes should act as the script or text of the presentation.  The presentation should include the following:

1•Discuss key points of each team member’s Week 3 individual assignment.

2•Identify business activities of ABC Taxi that might result in criminal liability.this bullet only

3•Differentiate among the different kinds of torts that might affect ABC Taxi and the driver, Max Speed.

4•Defend the collective findings of the Learning Team and its conclusions.

Cite a minimum of 1 scholarly references.