cpmgt week four DQ’s


1)  Project Manager Tools:

According to Project Management Institute (2013), expert judgment and meetings are common tools along with many charts, graphs, project analysis, and much more.  Here is the link:  http://www.capterra.com/project-management-software/.  What tools should a project manager use to ensure the most accurate scope is developed for a project?

2)  Week Three Scope Statement:

What were your challenges with developing a scope statement in Week Three? Were there inputs you needed but didn’t have? What kind of review do you think the statement needs before it becomes final? 

3)  Scope Management inputs and outputs:

What are the inputs to project scope management?  What are the outputs? Can you provide some examples?

 Review Project Management, Ch. 11

4)  Project Kickoff:

As the project manager for a new project just getting underway, describe the meetings you plan to schedule, who the participants will be, and at what point in the project they will be held.

5)  Smart Rule in Project Management:

Discuss the SMART rule. What does it stand for and how would you use it in project management?

Ch. 11 powerpoint (attached)

6)  Project Closure:

In the planned closure of a project are there any tasks that are more important than others? Why or why not?

7)  Why Projects Fail:

Review the slide(s) on reasons that projects fail. What are your thoughts on these? Can you relate to any of these first hand?

View the video @ http://fod.infobase.com/HTTP/49900/49960_guide.pdf

8)  View the Managing a Design Project Video and use the worksheet in the Student Materials

to follow along. What are your thoughts based on your answers to the questions?