Contracts: Managing Legal Realtionships

Dave and Judy have started a carpet cleaning business. They met Dan at the parking lot of the grocery store, who saw their truck with the logo and carpet cleaning slogan. Dave and Judy talked to Dan about Dan’s real estate office, which has four small rooms and a hallway, all carpeted, and a chair and small couch that need cleaning. Dan also mentioned that he had a special meeting a week from this coming Friday which required him to “make the place shine.” A major corporation is looking for a buyer’s agent, so he wants to give a good impression. He said he would be there to help move furniture, to get it done fast.

Dan mentioned that there are two spots he doesn’t think they can fix, but the rest needs perfection. Dan then offered as follows: “If you get it done by Friday, at my office, I will give you $750, spot cash, immediately!” Dave and Judy were unwilling to accept the offer because they normally come out and do a bid on commercial cleaning. They also can’t guarantee perfection. They asked Dan to put the offer in writing.