Comprehensive FORD MOTOR COMPANY case analysis


This case study will discuss Ford Motor Company’s history; the automobile industry and competitors; Ford Motor Company today in terms of manufacturing and product design, marketing, employees, company culture and financial; and finally the company’s future.

Case Objectives

Use these Case Objectives as you read and study this case study.

  • Describe Ford Motor Company’s history.
  • Describe the global car industry characteristics and competitors.
  • Describe Ford Motor Company in terms of manufacturing and product design, marketing, employees and company culture, and financial.
  • Describe Ford Motor Company’s functional, competitive, and corporate strategies.
  • Make recommendation for Ford Motor Company to take action on to address critic strategic issues.

Reading Requirement

1. Before beginning this comprehensive case analysis of Ford Motor Company, thoroughly read Appendix 1, which explains how to do a case analysis, on pages 231 – 234 and the sample case analysis provided in Appendix 2 on pages 237-244.

2. Reread the Ford Motor Company case on pages 254- 258.

Case Assignment

I.  Company Overview

  1. Organizational Overview (Corporate Structure, Internal Leadership, Culture, History, Industry Position)
  2. Current Economic Environment Strategies (Major Challenges Facing the Company)
  3. Mission and Strategic Vision Statements
  4. Future Economic Environment Strategies (Major Challenges Facing the Company 1- 5 Years)

II.  Strategic Analysis

A.  External Analysis

a)  Porter’s Competitive Five Forces Model–analyze the specific environment:  customers, competitors (existing and possible), and resource providers, and alternative resource providers.  (See figure 3.4 on page 62 and table 3.2 on page 69)

b)  General Enviroment–What opportunities and threats do you see in each of the general sectors: economic, demographic, sociocultural, political-legal, and technological forces? Why do you see these as opportunities and threats?

B.  Internal Analysis–Use the Internal Audit approach to analyze Ford Motor Company’s production-operations, marketing, research and development, financial-accounting, management, and information systems.

III.  Financial Analysis

A.  Summarize Ford Motor Company’s Financial Data

B.  Summarize Industry Comparison with top three companies

C.  Comparative Financial Ratios ( 8 Key Ratios) (

D.  Historical Financial Analysis Graph/Chart two years of data)

IV.  Strategic Effectiveness AnalysisA.  What are Ford Motor Company’s Functional Strategies? 

B.  How do Ford Motor Company’s functional strategies support its competitive advantage and strategy?

C.  Evaluate Ford Motor Company’s Corporate Strategies to determine the effectiveness of their strategy.  

D.  What are the strategic issues facing the company?  What are some strategic alternatives that could address these issues (think about functional and competitive strategies)

V.  Recommendations and Conclusion

A.  Make Recommendations for Ford Motor Company based on the strategic issues that you have identified.

B.  What resources and capabilities will be necessary for Ford Motor Company to implement your recommendation? How would the company’s structure and culture have to change in order for this alternative to be implemented?