Complete Financial Analysis Midterm Exam

Part 1 topics include (not exhaustive) CVP, cost drivers & step costs, breakeven point, contribution margin, CVP graph, property taxes, cost function, regression analysis, mixed costs, high-low method, cash budget, operating budget, financial budget, variances, activity based costing, flexible budget variance, use of multiple cost drivers, journal entry for purchase of inventory on account, accrual basis accounting, matching concept, materiality, fixed payment coverage ratios, time series, cross-sectional ratio analysis, ROA, CEO & CFO responsibilities.  Covers chapters 1-7.  Multiple choice questions.

The topics for Part 2 include CVP, breakeven analysis, fixed & variable costs, gross profit per unit, target profit; also financial ratios and scatter diagram plotting, variable and fixed costs using high-low method.

Each exam allows only one attempt and is timed  (two hours each).  Part 1 has 50 multiple choice questions, 150 points and covers chapters 1-7.  Part 2 has three problems – choose any two and submit using a Word document.  Follow instructions.  Part 2 is worth 50 points and covers Chapters 1-7.

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