communincations homework

Watch: THE CORPORATION and answer the following questions:

  1. Today the corporation is described how? Compared to what other powerful institutions historically?
  2. Why is the 14th amendment significant here?
  3. How do externalities benefit corporations and impact others?
  4. Whose face is on the clothing labels shown being made in sweat shops?
  5. According to the technical definition and the description in the film, are corporations psychopathic?
  6. What comparison does Noam Chomsky make between the institution of slavery and the corporation?
  7. Who is the real “minority?”
  8. For the corporate world was 9/11 good or bad?
  9. What does “privatization” mean?
  10. Who owns “happy birthday?”
  11. What is the “Nag Factor?”
  12. How is “perception management” designed to work?
  13. How does Naomi Klein describe what “branding” really is?
  14. Is falsifying news illegal?

Watch: Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream – Why Poverty? and answer the following questions:

  1. Describe this documentary’s version of Monopoly. What is this version meant to convey?
  2. Is the U.S. upwardly mobile?
  3. What has happened to income inequality over the last 30 years?
  4. What is a “lobbyist?”
  5. Who are the Koch brothers?
  6. What is said about the tax rates for the rich and big corporations? What is the impact of this on society?
  7. Do poor people pay taxes?