CMWKTHR – Expectancy Violations Theory

Please answer the following:

Activity 1:

Why is it possible for some people to breach another person’s expectancy norms and yet come across in a positive light? Think about the physical space violations. What term is given to people who can break these norms?

Activity 2:

Reflect upon a time when you felt as if someone had violated your space in a way that made you feel uncomfortable, at least at first. Did that person repeat this behavior more than once? Did you give that person verbal or nonverbal signals that the “closeness” violated your expectancies? In other words, how did you use communication to handle this “violation”?

Synthesize your ideas into a cogent, coherent response; make sure to support your comments with researched evidence. Do not hesitate to add to our knowledge by sharing the links to any authoritative resources on this topic that you may discover on the Internet.