choose a media object that you will study, communications homework help

In preparation for Paper #2, choose a media object that you will study. Explain what topic you will research in order to understand the industry influence on the representation of race in that media object (for instance, in a previous quarter I might have researched the independent film The Crumbles to understand how it was financed and filmed). Give one source that will support your research (for instance an article on independent film).

Be sure to read the Paper # 2 assignment carefully. Do not use Wikipedia or IMDb as a source. Reviews are usually poor sources, too, since they focus on the content of the media rather than the production. Choose a media text that was originally produced in 2015 or 2016 (for example, a television show, a song or album, a film, a videoblog, a video game, etc., new in the past year — do not choose a TV show like Glee or Modern Family, for instance, that originally aired before 2015) 

(at least 200 words)