Chevron’s presence in Kazakhstan through a Joint-Venture, World Markets Assignment help

After watching Dr Kim’s video, which mentions Chevron’s presence in Kazakhstan through a Joint-Venture; as well as watching this video about Ikea in China; and this other video about Tata Beverages, answer the following questions.

Q1. Based on Chap. 6’s Step 4: Approaches to World Markets, which approach makes the most sense when operating overseas for Chevron? for Ikea? For Tata Beverages? [Explain your recommended choice for each firm]

Q2. Based on Chap. 6’s Step 5: Evaluate Entry Strategy Alternatives, why do you think Chevron chose to enter Kazakhstan through a Joint-Venture? Why do you think Ikea entered China through Foreign Direct Investment, owning 100% of its local stores? Why do you think Tata Beverages entered the US market through an acquisition of Tetley? [Please justify each choice briefly]

Q3. For your current employer (or any past employer, or your favorite US company), which approach to world markets and which foreign market entry strategy would you recommend? [Why?]