Case Study “Blue Nile and Diamond Retailing PowerPoint® presentation, business and finance help

Read the Case Study “Blue Nile and Diamond Retailing” in Supply Chain Management Strategy, Planning and Operations, Chopra and Meindl Chapter 4.

Prepare an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation that address the following:

  • Define the key success factors in diamond retailing for Blue Nile, Zale’s, and Tiffany’s as it measured for key industry success factors.
  • Blue Nile carries more than 30,000 stones priced at $2,500 or higher while 60% of the products sold from the Tiffany web site are prices around $200.  Which of the two products categories is better suited to the strengths of the online channel?  Why?  Support your answer with course concepts and examples.
  • With their focus on selling high-end jewelry, Tiffany stores have thrived. In contrast, Zale’s 2006 upscale strategy failed. What do you think caused this failure?
  • Which of the three companies do you think is best structured to deal with weak economic times?
  • What advice would you give to each of the three companies regarding their respective strategies and structures?

Include speaker notes on each slide.

Cite your references according to APA guidelines.