Career and Life Management Action Plan , communications homework help

Hello Dear, I hope all is well. I’m taking a human resource development course and I need help with doing A CAREER AND LIFE MANAGEMENT ACTION PLAN.

This is the description of the assignment.

1.  Career and Life Management Action Plan (400 Points). Each scholar is to be an active learner in the development of skills and abilities to meet present and future challenges. Using a career development model adapted from Stevens’, each scholar will be responsible for developing a Career and Life Management Action Plan to include the strategies as outlined in the guidelines that will include: personal and career autobiography, past history of development, career assessments, personal vision, personal audit and detailed action plan and implementation process. Final project is to be presented in class and all work will be submitted in both hard copy and thumb drive. The thumb drive is to include the Prezi, PowerPoint or movie presentation of your CLMAP. This is a marketing tool that will benefit your greatly.

it’s all about me and my future plans. I’ve uploaded the requirements of the project and I’ve uploaded a file that has supporting documents about myself so you have an idea about me so you can just put it together in the assignment.