Can you edit and proofread this assignment, business and finance homework help

Hi Agneta,

Can you look over this and edit/update the outline you helped me with (Written Assignment 3 of 8)?  I have attached the draft of the outline I submitted for review, and this was my feedback:


In reference to the content of your outline, everything sounds really good. However, I do have to suggest from reading the rubric and what the assignment says for the format, you may have to make some adjustments. I know that you are supposed to use a four piece format. So for example:

I. Broad content

A. Less broad

1.More specific

a. Details (possibly include sources)

Also I believe this is a full sentence outline which means exactly that. Just describe each part in a sentence or two. Lastly, sources should be included at the end of the outline as well (which we had from the last assignment) so that’s pretty easy to attach. Like I said earlier this is just the information I perceived from the assignment folder and rubric, but I hope it helps and good luck with your paper.