Business management defining terms assignment help


Self Analysis                             Job Interview                             

Cover Letter                                Business   

Risk                                         Stakeholders 

Standard of Living                        NAFTA 

Entrepreneurship                  Factors of Production 

Demographics                            Outsourcing   

Insourcing                                E-commerce 

Economics                            Social Security 

Capitalism                                  Socialism 

Free-market                           Equilibrium Point 

Monopoly                       Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 

Socialism                             Consumer Price Index

Inflation                             Gross Domestic Product

Recession                             Breach of contract   

Franchising                        Contract Manufacturing

Common Market                          Licensing

Franchising                             Insider Trading

Social cultural Forces             Selection process

Exchange Rate                  World Trade Organization

Offshore Outsourcing                Strict product liability

Embargo  Whistle blowers              Division of labor  


Concepts – answering these questions will help you prepare for the mid-term examine.

1.  Why are stakeholders important?

2.  The impact of technology on business.

3.  The social environment impact on business

4.  The impact of the national debt on the global economy

5.  The impact of competition on business

6.  Why study economics?

7.  The relationship between supply and demand.

8.  The relationship between the GDP and the balance of trade

9.  The importance of globalization

10.Why should nations trade with other nations?

11.What kinds of products can be imported and exported?

12.What are some of the ways in which a company can get involved in global  business?

13.What is the difference between compliance-based an integrity-based ethics?

14.Why is corporate social responsibility important?

15.Why are customers important?

16.What is the difference from the organizational structures of the 1940s and the 2000s?

17.What is the company’s responsibility to its employees?

18.Compare and contrast the different forms of business ownership, including advantages and disadvantages.

19.What are the functions of management?

20.What is the difference between vision, mission statement, goals and objectives?

21.What are the different types of job interviews and the basic information you need to know?

22.Describe Fayol’s Principles of Organization and how does it apply to current organizations.

23. What was Max Weber’s contribution to how organizations are structured?

24.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a tall versus flat organizational structure.