assume that you are a police detective responding to a 911 call of an injured ma

assume that you are a police detective responding to a 911 call of an injured ma

For this assignment, assume that you are a police detective responding to a 911 call of an injured male.  Submit your paper in APA format with in-text citation.

Review the following information. 

  • Write a police report based on your observations at the scene, including statements from anyone at the scene. 
  • Be sure to include any and all information that you feel is relevant for the case.
  • ***Identify/discuss any information that you feel is missing or that you need to follow-up on as the detective in the case. 

 You are a detective for West Fargo Police Department.

911 Dispatch receives a call on March 9, 2015, at 10:47PM from a female saying her husband is hurt. He has been stabbed in the back and his back is bleeding.

Address is 658 13th Avenue East, West Fargo, North Dakota. Single-family home.

You arrive on scene at 11:05PM.

When you arrive, one patrol officer, Officer Julie Madsen, is on scene and was the first officer to arrive at 10:55PM.  When you arrive, paramedics are tending to a male victim who is lying on the floor in the kitchen. The male is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Paramedics are preparing to transport the male to the hospital, Sanford Hospital in Fargo.

You are unable to interview the male because he is unconscious.

You see a woman in the home who is crying and very upset. You ask her to identify herself. She says her name is Lori Jackson. She tells you the male is her husband, Tom Jackson. She says he is 45 years old. You ask Lori her age and she says she is 45years old.  

You ask Lori a few questions before she leaves in the ambulance with Tom and the paramedics to go to the hospital.  

You ask Lori what happened to Tom. Lori says she got home around 10:00PM that night after having dinner with her friend,Sara Miller at Red Lobster, where they discussed their upcoming vacation to Florida. Lori says she last spoke with Tom about 5:30PM that day, when she was leaving work and he was leaving work. Tom works at Microsoft. Lori is a high school English teacher at Fargo South High School. Tom drives a black Ford pickup. Lori drive a black Ford Escape.  

Lori said that when she arrived home, she came into the home and found Tom lying on the floor in the kitchen. Lori’s breath has an odor of alcoholic beverage. You ask Lori who called 911. She says that she called 911, using Tom’s cell phone. The home does not have a land-line.  

You speak to the neighbor that lives to the west of the Jacksons; his name is Danny Jones. Danny works as a car salesman at Luther Ford in Fargo. Danny says he saw Lori drive into the driveway about 9:15PM. He saw her when he was walking out to get the mail. He knows it was about 9:15PM, because he was in the middle of watching the 9:00PM nightly news,which is half-hour show. Danny says Lori probably did not see him because he was just walking out his front door when she closed the garage door. Danny lives with his wife and three children, ages 5, 10, and 13. They have a golden retriever named Sadie.  

You ask Lori where her cell phone is and where Tom’s cell phone is. She states that she does not know where either her cell phone or Tom’s cell phone are; she cannot find them and does not know what she did with Tom’s cell phone after she called 911. Lori is upset, crying, and screaming. You have a difficult time understanding some of the words she is saying. She says she wants to get Tom to the hospital.  

You explore the home for any signs of evidence. You put on plastic gloves before you touch anything. 

Three drawers in the bedroom dresser are lying on the floor. There is a TV on the wall in the bedroom. The TV is on and on ESPN.

You look under the bed in the bedroom and find a fireplace poker. A large wedding picture is lying on the floor in the living room; glass is broken.

An office chair in the office/den has blood on the right arm of the chair and also on the floor by the desk. There is an open laptop sitting on the desk in the den/office. 

You see bloody footprints leading from the den/office into the kitchen to the location where Tom is found on the floor.  

Magazines are scattered on the floor in the living room. There is a glass coffee table in the living room with two brown recliner chairs.

You find a cell phone under the couch. As you touch the screen, the screen activates and you see a photo of what appears to be Tom hugging a female who does not look like Lori.  

You check all of the doors and windows and there does not appear to be any signs of forced entry. Nothing else seems to be disturbed in any of the rooms in the house.

There are no pets in the home. The couple does not have any children. No one else lives in the home. 

You take photographs of all rooms of the house.  You take fingerprints of the frame of the wedding photo, door handles and fireplace poker. You collect various pieces of evidence including the cellphone found under the couch, the fireplace poker,samples of blood from the footprints and samples of the blood found on the arm of the chair in the office/den.

You clear the scene at 3:45AM. You are the only police officer who looks for or collects evidence at the scene. You plan to follow up the case by contacting Lori’s friend, Sara. All evidence is taken to the police department and logged into the evidence room.