Present a brief Situation Analysis of the Case-(1 page)

Instruction: Read the Case thoroughly, and Analyze the Earth’s Best Baby Food Case by answering the following questions in a double-space.

(Do visit for more information about the Company). Read also Chapter 7 and Chapter11, PP. 488-493 of your textbook.

NOTE:Organize your Paper by first Stating by first Stating the Question, then Present your Answer to the Question.

Note:Do not COPY information from the company’s website.

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Have you heard of Earth’s Best Baby Food? Maybe not. But in the 15 years since Earth’s Best Baby Food was born, it has moved into a solid number for position behind category powerhouses Gerber, Beech Nut, and Heinz–despite the fact Earth’s Best’s retail price is at least 50 percent higher. Earth’s Best Baby Food is a tiny Colorado company with only a few dozen employees. Unable to afford big-budget ad campaigns, Earth’s Best opts for folksy direct mail, co-marketing with other green marketers, and development of a user-friendly website.

This strategy is in keeping with its wholesome image as a purveyor of pure, healthy baby foods. The website provides information on organic foods and links to related websites. Earth’s best communicates that it is a little company that really cares and is out to do something right for babies and the world. According to Mike Mondello, vice president of marketing, “The idea moves beyond organic.” An important part of the company’s promotion is a periodic newsletter Earth’s Best Family Times. The newsletter promotes brand loyalty with the sale of items such as Earth’s Best place mats, T-shirts,and bibs as well as rebate and coupon offers. The newsletter also includes an invitation to send the company the name of a new mother who might like receiving the newsletter. The website includes a Q&A section where a physician will answer health care questions related to pregnancy and baby care. The newsletter and website serve to nurture the caring image of the company by including advice from pediatricians and answers to parent’s questions.

The whole company is built around relationship relationship marketing, but a key question is, Who buys earth’s best baby food and what is their lifestyle? By answering this question, Earth’s Best hopes it can be more effective in developing a relationship with their customers and growing in a way consistent with their customers’ lifestyle needs. Management believes that positioning the product as a cut above other baby foods is a surefire hook with working mothers who feel a bit guilty about spending less time with their children.