. Choose one of the three below.Your analysis should be at least 400 words

Explain in detail why software development maintenance related costs could reach upward of 75% of the total software workload.

Identify and discuss the considerations that go into the decision to scrap, maintain, re-engineer, or replace a software development application.

Identify and discuss the evolutionary phases that a software application might go through over time. Describe the challenges that may result if the development team used a waterfall approach and the maintenance team uses an agile approach, or vice versa.

2. Post an original thread of 350 words total in this week’s discussion forum addressing the following topics (20 points):

What does cloud computing mean to you?

What are some possible maintenance and support related implications of cloud computing, in the context of software development, or otherwise?

3. Chapter 9 Exercises 9.1, 9.4, 9.7 – Page 267

9.1 Explain why a software system that is used in a real-world environment must change or become progressively less useful.

9.4 Under what circumstances might an organization decide to scrap a system when the system assessment suggests that it is of high quality and high business value?

9.7 As a software project manager in a company that specializes in the development of software for the offshore oil industry, you have been given the task of discovering the factors that affect the maintainability of the systems developed by your company. Suggest how you might set up a

program to analyze the maintenance process and determine appropriate maintainability metrics for the company.