article analysis / HRM

article analysis / HRM

News Article Analysis.  


Please search for a current news article about a business situation, and analyze it from a human resource management perspective.  The Library is a good place to explore articles.

In order  for you to get full credit for your paper, please follow the instructions and offer  the following:  Cover page, Table of content,  Abstract, and References.


The paper itself should be a minimum of 2 pages single-spaced, Times New Romans 11, and include the following: 

– Introduction.

– A short summary .

– Analysis. Please offer a detailed and in-depth discussions of the critical analysis. Pertinent questions that should be answered in your analysis include but are not limited to:

·  Are there any laws that apply to the situation described in the article? What are they, and how do they relate to the situation described?

·  How does/might this situation affect the practice of HR?

·  What are the HR implications to the employer? To the employees?

·  Are there any HR related concepts that should be considered when evaluating the situation described?

Please focus on the key points that pertain to your article. Your job is not to teach HR material, but to relate the material to your selected article. Do not merely summarize the article.

– Conclusion.


You must use  subtitles and headings  to show that you address all required  points. 

References  APA style . At least 3 additional references on top of the article you are using to support your arguments and analysis.  

Please upload your assignment on Blackboard.

Bring a hard copy of your analyses to class .

Have a wonderful week.