apply the TREAT analysis to an issue in the case your selected, law homework help

Write a 1-2 page, double-spaced, 12-point font paper with APA format/citing or legal citing on the subject listed below. Apply the the information from this week’s reading preparation. Go in depth and explain your findings, application, and results.

Use to find a case of your choice. Then apply the TREAT analysis to an issue in the case your selected. Explain in depth.

TREAT is the format for the discussion of a single issue. Most legal problems contain a number of issues and many of the rules that will answer your issues will have multiple parts that each might raise separate questions (issues) to answer. Each issue gets its own TREAT – if it is one of two separate questions, then each issue will be resolved in a separate presentation of Thesis on the issue – Rule that answers the issue – Explanation of the rule – Application of the rule – and Thesis Restated on that issue. But if the rule that answers the issue itself raises questions, then each of the questions raised by the rule will be resolved in its own TREAT internal to the discussion of the main issue; we will call these internal discussions “sub-TREATs.” Every main question or subsidiary question in a legal discussion will be resolved one way (main TREAT) or the other (sub-TREAT) in a presentation of the Thesis-Rule-Explanation-Application-and Thesis Restated on that question.