3 paragraph essay maximizing shareholder wealth, business and finance homework help

Maximizing shareholder wealth is a primary goal of a firm. Your text introduces it in chapter one. It can be defined as the process that increases the current value of business or shareholder capital gains, with the objective of brining in the highest possible return.

Write an essay developing the issue of maximizing shareholder wealth.

Your essay should be two to three paragraphs, double spaced, using 12 font. This essay counts as 15 points toward your final exam grade.

Writing Rubric



Response accurately covers the required information. The topic is thoroughly discussed. Minimum of four complete sentences, double spaced, in 12 font.


Response is in complete sentences, which is thoroughly proofread and is without careless errors.


The summary includes the student’s own voice.


Response demonstrates the students in depth grasp of the material or provides additional insight.


Total Points