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PDR-227128 Reflective journal I`m a student in a PGCE, I want assignment about the reflection Journal. http://jmp.sh/HnyT6kU 11 pages, 4 Harvard referencesMany researchers have believed that the process of educating and teaching is not that easy as one can aspect or view from his personal reflection. There are several aspects associated with the personal and professional qualities to make a difference in teaching.Further, it is important to make adults learn the cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and evaluation. At the same time, we even need to increase the interaction of the students within a given learning environment so as to fulfill the learning requirements of this course.There are many theories of reflection through which one can evaluate his self-performance and can find out the positives and negatives regarding his job role. The Gibb’s Model of Reflection includes a process that includes six parameters. They are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan. So, for a given job role or given working environment, there is first of all a need to describe that environment. Thereby, one needs to provide his feelings so that necessary evaluation and analysis can be carried out. Further, conclusion regarding how all the things have been carried out can be known, after which the necessary action plan for the required changes can be implemented.Schon’s Model of Reflection has totally a different meaning, wherein reflections are made in action and on action. So, reflection in action would indicate making necessary changes during the time of occurrence of the event, while reflection on action would indicate taking decisions and making changes after the event is complete.