I need a essay about the higher education.start with “Should Everyone Go to College?” Stephanie

I need a essay about the higher education.start with   ”Should Everyone Go to College?”  Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill.
Here are the topic sentence outline
Higher education is the necessary to this modern world.
Higher education is important for achieve the success.
Higher education benefits to your future career.
  Example of a standard “They Say I Say” thesis (thesis example)
In “Should Everyone Go to College?,” Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill argue that before people rush into college, it is essential for them to get more information from the college they want to apply to because the college education system has changed and it may not be valuable for everyone.  Owen and Sawhill’s view that people should not blindly attend college is a smart one, potential college students should consider three factors: their academic ability, their major, and the demand of their degree before they decide whether getting a college degree is the best investment for their personal goals.  
Take a close look at the topic sentences in your outline and make sure they are all points you intend to discuss and prove. Also, check to ensure that each topic sentence is connected to your thesis. If anything (thesis or topic sentence) needs revision; change it. Once, you have made the necessary changes or have decided to keep the original topic sentences
Important points to consider as you develop your paragraphs are listed below: Developing your topic sentences, requires that you carefully create substantial evidence and reasoning to prove the claim in the topic sentence. PROVE is the key word. The questions for each of your topic sentences then becomes: How can I best prove the claim in my topic sentence? What kind of evidence will I need to convince my readers that this claim is true? Where can I find solid evidence?
In an effort to fully answer the above questions for each topic sentence, do the following:Provide any background information that readers may need to know about the main idea of the topic sentence.Think about what the average general audience knows about this topic and what you will need to let them know in order to present this idea. Include what is needed. Introduce evidence or proof through quotes, observation, personal experience, research, statistics. Do what you need to do to gather the proof: search your memory; talk to others; do some research; review your homework or review your reading. Explain all of your evidence. Analyze and tell your readers what this evidence proves and why it is important. Use your persuasive, critical thinking and logical skills to explain and analyze the evidence. Error on the side of over explaining. Once you have all of this information in your paragraph, make sure it all connects. Work to create smooth transitions from sentence to sentence as you include the following: topic sentence specific information (background, vocabulary, history, etc) evidence explanation
Arrange the above with ease and with an order that makes sense. Set things up in an order that is easy to follow. Use transitional phrases as needed. Finally conclude the paragraph with a conclusion that makes your final point about the paragraphs main idea. Concluding sentence