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Psychology homework helpCase Studies: Find a real world article related to a healthcare issue.
Trade Magazines and Journals are preferred as the source for your articles. Check your professional trade journal for ideas: Journal of the American Medical Association, American Public Health Journal, etc. Another example is the trade magazine for Long Term Care is “The Provider,” their website is to an external site.
You can also download articles from news websites such as the Wall Street Journal or PBS (health sections). The IU library available through SHARC (link under Course Home) may also be a good source. A good source for discussion of health issues is the journal Health Affairs.
Write a 800-word essay with three main sections: a) summarize the article and problem, b) discuss your thoughts on any management or motivation theory you think could be applied to the issue. For example, you may think that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs could apply to the situation, or the Hawthorne effect, etc. You can also cite theories from contemporary management books, for example Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” or Switzer’s “Crucial Conversations,” etc. c) and discuss the course or courses that you have taken in your program which provided theories, practices or application for this real world situation.
Use 6th edition APA formatting and cite your sources according to APA requirements.