7 page history paper written that will need to be turned in on turnitin.com You should begin the… 1 answer below »

7 page history paper written that will need to be turned in on turnitin.com
You should begin the Term Paper during Unit one. Typically this is during Lesson 2. It will be due later in the course.
Make sure you read and understand the instructions.
You may also want to research the subject through the on-line resources of the TCCD library or directly through the internet. You may also use your textbooks, the appropriate Notes Adjuncts and theContent Pages. You should be careful of using Internet sources, though, making sure that they are reliable and authoritative. Superior projects (Graded higher than “C”) will use additional sources beyond the Text book.
You must cite information (facts, ideas and quotes) from sources. You may use any appropriate citation style (MLA or Chicago Manual of Style) for citations but you must use whatever style correctly. Remember a bibliography (in proper format) must be attached at the end (not counted as one of the essay pages for issues of length).
This assignment has a 100 point value with points awarded according to the quality of your response to the questions asked. The design length is to be at least 5 pages of single spaced essay and no longer than 7 pages. Make sure you have a Bibliography of sources used as a seperate page at the end of the paper.
Prepare your document as a Word file, doc. or rtf file, and upload it to Turnitin.com using the tab in the assignments section. Be sure and Save a copy of your paper just in case it does not upload correctly the first time. Within a few hours (the first time, 24 the second time) Turnitin.com willgive you an originality report. You may resubmit a corrected copy up until the due date. This is expected to be your own work and quoted or external material should not be more than 20% of the paper, even if properly cited.
Your essay should be in complete sentences, paragraph form and utilizing correct grammar and punctuation.
Note the deadline for completing this assignment.
Assignment: You may choose your own subject. It must relate to American history before 1876. However, I must approve the subject unless it comes from the list below . Please email me with the intended subject (from which I will determine your grade) for my approval. Subjects can be over any aspect of American History to 1876. These are NOT to be summaries of encyclopedia articles – ie a biography of Andrew Jackson, or too wide for a 5 – 7 page apper – ie “Weapons of the Civil War.” They should require you to do research from several different sources and display your assessment and judgment of the facts involved. Your proposals are due to me before the due date of Quiz 3. If you use one from the list below, no approval is needed. Remember to state the subject in your term paper’s title.Examples:
1 – Compare and Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Indentured Servants and African slaves from the Virginia Planter’s point of view.
2 – Compare and Contrast the Labor Forms of Indentured Servants, African Slaves and Wage Labor in the New England colonies.
3 – The Casuses and Results of Beacon’s Revolt in Virginia
4 – The Sons of Liberty – who were they and what did they do through-out the 13 colonies.
5 – The American Party (Know-Nothings) before the Civil War.
6 – The impact of Andrew Jackson’s actions regarding Indian Removal
7 – The impact of the Battle of Shiloh or the Battle of Gettysburg
8 – The impacts of the 14th and 15th Ammendments before 1876
9 – An analysis of any of the “Primary Sources” included in your text book. (Make sure you include analysis of the impact during the time in question and what lasting impacts resulted from this material)