WestlawNext Activity

WestlawNext Activity


Do not cut and paste the entire assignment. Just put the question number and your answer.

1. For each of the following abbreviations, tell me what the abbreviation stands for, whether it is official or unofficial, and for the two unofficial codes, tell me which one is published by Lexis and which one is published by Westlaw.

a. U.S.C. –

b. U.S.C.A. –

c. U.S.C.S. –

2. Sign into WestlawNext and go to the USCA main page. Click on “all federal.” Type Smokey Bear in the GSB. You should get an overview with @ 14 categories. Under “statutes,” locate the U.S. Code provision that provides the criminal penalty for the unauthorized use of the Smokey Bear character. Provide the full and correct Bluebook citation to this statute. Don’t forget to read my IN on how to cite statutes.

3. What would you enter into the GSB if you wanted to retrieve section 154 of Title 23 of the U.S. Code? Tip: in order to locate a statute in the GSB in WestlawNext, you don’t need to use the exact citation format. 

4. Go to that code provision.

a. What is the 3-word subject of this section?

b. What does the yellow flag in the upper left signify?

5. Go back to the WestlawNext home page and click on “statutes and court rules.” Once you are on that page, click on Maryland. Once you are on that page, look to the right at the section called “Tools and Resources.” Click on “Maryland Statutes Find Template. Enter 8-205 in the box next to MD CRIM LAW §.

a. What is crime is discussed in this section?

b. What is the maximum amount of confinement a person can receive for this crime?

c.  Provide the full and complete citation for the subsection that states the penalty for committing this crime. 

6. Provide the full and correct Bluebook citation for the Third Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Tip: make sure you read my IN on Constitutions.