The Rise and Fall of Queen Martha

The Rise and Fall of Queen Martha

Complete the case study on pages 78 – 80 -The practice of public relations. Read the case study assigned, and answer each question at the end of the case study.  Be thorough in your responses, and support your opinions with information from your textbook as well as at least one outside source.  Case studies should be formatted in APA style.  Brief answers that are not supported by information from the text or other sources will not earn credit. would you characterize Martha Stewart’s initial public relations response to the charges against her?

2.what key public relations principle did Martha Stewart violate?

3. Had you been advising her, what public relations strategy and tactics would you have recommended?

    how “vocal”  should she have been? important, from a public relations perspective, was her decision to go to jail early?

5.what public relations strategy should Stewart adopt now?

6. Should sh acknowledge that she made mistakes?