Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Find an article that relates to Production Management and prepare the Abstract and
have it typed

Paper format: Student Name, date, and abstract number. Journal/Periodical Name Vol. # or Internet site. “Article Title”, page number

Summary: (Bold & Underline)

 One or two paragraphs giving a brief overview of the article. Reaction: (Bold & Underline)

 One or two paragraphs giving your personal opinion on the subject; what you thought of the article.

Application: (Bold & Underline)

 One or two paragraphs explaining how you can use this information, or how you have used it the past, professionally or personally.

Note: Use articles that are related to Production Operation and how the concepts, tools, or techniques can be used to affect, implement, or develop manufacturing productivity or quality.

Abstracts must be typed (at least Times New Roman 12 font), double-spaced.