Spss basic question, economics homework help

Spss basic question, economics homework help

Using SPSS show me how to input the following information for a null and alternative hypothesis as to which store has the best overall prices for the selected items. These are not all the items as I must put 25 total different items in the program. I just ned to know how the variable view and data view should look like to calculate and analyze the information.

These Items from Target and Safeway are being compared to see which total price is cheaper.

Papertowels T= .99 SW. 1.29

Milk 1/2 Gallon T= 2.19 SW= 2.49

Eggs T= .99 SW= 1.49

Sugar T= 2.99 SW= 3.49

Ice T= 1.69 SW= 2.19

Prego T= 2.29 SW= 2.19

Ore Ida T= 2.99 SW= 2.96

Quaker Oats T= 3.49 SW= 2.68