Roles and Terminology, management homework help

Roles and Terminology, management homework help

Roles and Terminology. Please respond to the following:

You have just been hired by Water’s Inc. as the newest purchasing agent. You have a great opportunity ahead of you as an inexperienced purchasing and supply management associate. Water’s Inc. is a company that provides outsourced services for their client companies who need customer service needs.

Describe what you would do on your first day on the new job as purchasing agent. What kinds of data and information would help you since you are inexperienced in purchasing and supply management? Consider that one piece of data you were provided was the organizational chart during the morning of your arrival on the job. Toward the end of your first day, your new boss asks you to explain whose role it is in the organization to keep purchasing and supply costs under control.

Supply Strategic Planning. Please respond to the following:

Your new boss at Water’s Inc. has appointed you as a representative of the supply management team to a cross functional team (CFT) formed for the purpose of input to the company’s strategic plan revision. Your boss explained that supply is increasingly taking a very strategic and active role in organizational planning, implementing, execution and measuring goals and that it is generally believed that high performing CFT’s will get better results on the task. As a member of that CFT, explain what type of data and information or documentation you would need as you helped to update the current strategic plan. How would you approach mitigating how risk could be reduced or managed? Would suppliers be of value to the CFT?